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 UPA fails to give justices to shiks and on other issues

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UPA fails to give justices to shiks and on other issues Empty
PostSubject: UPA fails to give justices to shiks and on other issues   UPA fails to give justices to shiks and on other issues Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 9:44 pm

he Congress Party owes an explanation to the entire nation about their blatant use of communal politics. The 1984 Sikh genocide is without doubt the worst ever communal holocaust that the Congress Party cannot ever run away from. Apology notwithstanding, the Congress shamelessly has nominated the accused of this carnage for contesting the elections as their party candidates. Nobody can forgive the justification of these mass killings by Shri Rajiv Gandhi who infamously said "when a big tree falls, the earth tremors".

The Congress also owes an explanation as to why it has remained a mute spectator when the ethnic cleansing of 8 lakh Hindus was carried out from the Kashmir valley. The Shahbano episode has exposed so called secular credentials of Congress and has brought its ugly communal face to the fore. By giving berth in the central cabinet to the Muslim League for the first time in the history of independent India and by pleading for release of Abdul Naseer Madani the Congress has shown its true color of communalism. Granting religious reservations in Andhra and communal budgeting are the examples of their communal agenda. Congress went ahead with the communal agenda suggesting religion based head count in defence forces and judiciary. All the above and hundreds of such incidences have proved beyond doubt that Congress is communal political outfit in the Country. BJP challenges Congress to answer these questions first, before accusing others of communalism.

Duplicity of Congress as to what is communal and what is secular is exposed in as many cases in recent past. It describes the NDA partners as communal and UPA partners as secular. When DMK and TMC were part of NDA they were communal in Congress parlance but when these same parties are with Congress they become secular. For Congress, caste politics is secular and nationalist approach is communal. Babri is secular and Ram Mandir is communal. For Congress, denying the existence of Ram is secular and devotion to Ram is communal. For Congress, the assault on Taslima is secular and extension of her visa is communal. Providing facilities for Amarnath pilgrims is communal and providing facilities for Haj pilgrims is secular. Hate speeches of Imran Kidwai and D. Sriniwas are secular for Congress and speeches of other party leaders are communal. Appeasement politics is secular and giving justice to all is communal. The constitutional agenda of cow protection, Article 370 and Common Civil Code is communal and its divisive agenda is secular. For Congress, Muslim league is secular and Nationalist organisations are communal. Singing Vande Mataram is communal and not singing of it is secular.

Congress since Shahbano case has gradually moved away from the nationalist mainstream and has become a vehicle of vote bank politics. Congress is shrinking and loosing ground ever since because of such duplicity and will continue to shrink further.
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UPA fails to give justices to shiks and on other issues
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