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 Looking forward to an IT Job?

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Looking forward to an IT Job? Empty
PostSubject: Looking forward to an IT Job?   Looking forward to an IT Job? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 12:06 pm

Information Technology Job may be of high profile and more rewarding. But it is one of the most challenging Job at the market.

Due to the IT boom in India for the past 10 years, several people were able to get good Job as well as high income.

But the Job did taken a toll on their health. Many are so tied up to the Job that they can't even think about quitting / retiring.

If you are so ambisious to get an IT Job irrespective of the challenges, then you have to follow many rules.

Myth about the IT Job

1. You should possess Engineering Degree.
: Wrong ; Engineering degree is not necessary, but you should possess problem solving skill and design skills.
2. Any Engineering Degree is enough to get an IT Job
:Wrong; If you have Civil / Mechanical degree then you will struggle in the later stages of your career, just like a non engineering graduate.
3. Fake experience can put me into an IT Job.
: Wrong; Fakes will be caught red handed. People who put fake exp years will struggle to show the handsown within the project.
Several people were thrown out of companies not because their fakes were caught, but they were not able to substantiate the knowledge/handsown with experience.
4. IT Job is only for Techies
:Wrong 10% Jobs in IT are not even technical, they are management efforts and includes very less technilcal efforts.
So if you possess M.B.A and good at basic computer skills such as Word Excel etc (they are not technical), you are eligible.
5. IT techies does not enjoy good family life
:Wrong; very few people have issues in family life, majority are enjoying just like others.
Our people just wanted to say some thing wrong about I.T job also, hence they are exposing the individual incidence.

So how to get an I.T Job?

1. Good communication skill.
2. People management skill
3. Programming / Project Management skill
4. Fearless to learn
5. Adaptable to changes
6. Problem solving capability ( Be a good solution provider )
7. Learn international standard of behaviour, someone will say licking client's feet ( dont even listern to them )
8. Being very vigilant and care on your words, add mannerism and professionalism
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Looking forward to an IT Job?
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