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 Stupid people who fight for Temple Treasure

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Stupid people who fight for Temple Treasure Empty
PostSubject: Stupid people who fight for Temple Treasure   Stupid people who fight for Temple Treasure Icon_minitimeThu Jul 07, 2011 12:42 pm

Temple Treasures are Belongs to Temple. It should be preserved in Temple.
Not a single real Hindu will think about owning Temple treasure.

These are the statements we like to make.

1. These are gold’s and diamonds, not a necessary commodity. We cannot eat the same or consume the same.
Those who wore too much gold are only just stupid’s or they don’t know how to spend money.
2. The Wealth of Anantha Padmanabhan was with the temple much before Rajas and other rulers.
Remember there were changes of rulers from time to time. There were Rajas, Mughals, Brits, and now Thieves as well.
But the temple wealth was there only with temple. And also understand that present type of rule / system will also change within next 100 years and again and goes on. But temple wealth should be with temple.
3. Rajas and Hindus were providing their gold to the temple because Gold is just worthless for Human, we need food shelter water etc.
We cannot live with Gold. But gold is good ornament for gods to beautify.
4. What do we do with the Gold to make it worth?? Do we sell it?? If we sell then what is reason for telling this as national treasure.
5. Stupid Commies are telling this wealth as national waste. Then dont you commi think Taj Mahal as a national waste, shouldn't be better to sell the marbles and make money for development???

No Hindu like to own a single ornament of Padmanabhan, they preserved it from foreign rulers, they will preserve it from Govt thieves as well.

In another 100 years, new generation will rewrite Supreme court and other establishments. Because they find it as unnecessary system that just create wastage. Even the parlimentary system will be considered as huge waste and will be replaced.

Lord Padmanabhan and his wealth will be still there. If the present ruler destroy it, then Lord will destroy then soon.
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Stupid people who fight for Temple Treasure
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