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 Mumbai Explosion Links reaching GODS OWN COUNTRY

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Mumbai Explosion Links reaching GODS OWN COUNTRY Empty
PostSubject: Mumbai Explosion Links reaching GODS OWN COUNTRY   Mumbai Explosion Links reaching GODS OWN COUNTRY Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 11:40 am

Great !!!!!

Now we can change the caption to TERRORISTS OWN COUNTRY

Reasons are here

1. Obviously terrorists are here.
2. Education department is hacked and now operate like a money vinding machine.
3. Industrial department is owned not managed, things are moving the way that bunch of industrialist wants. Luckly we dont have much industry.
4. Finance ministry and its budgeting are flexible enough to bend all the way down. Minister himself is shameless to write white paper with false data.
( He points out that there are excess in budgets, lets see what will happen to the same after 5 year tenure.)
6. Kerala is infested by Virus, Fungus and Bacteria, people die in large numbers by misterious diseases
7. Scores of people die everyday in Kerala's own KALAN roads. Kerala's road is directing to heaven ( mostly you will be redirected to hell )
8. Girls, Women, and little boys are getting sexually assaulted in large numbers. Even people hate to see doctors alone, fearing a molestation.
( Apart from this people regularly visists places were teen age girls are sold for money )
9. Age of Female sexual harrassment is widened. Now it is 2 to 90. ( We dont have a reported case of harrassment from 91 onwards, may be they die and people think that it was natuaral death )

So if you are reading this after reaching Kerala for the first time! Welcome to TERROIL Country.

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Mumbai Explosion Links reaching GODS OWN COUNTRY
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