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 Devaprashnam Nadakam, Andhavishwasam - V.S

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Devaprashnam Nadakam, Andhavishwasam - V.S Empty
PostSubject: Devaprashnam Nadakam, Andhavishwasam - V.S   Devaprashnam Nadakam, Andhavishwasam - V.S Icon_minitimeMon Aug 15, 2011 3:07 am

Mr. V.S. who is just on the verge of closing his chapter, has said that Whatever happening in the Name of God in Sree Padmanabha Swami Shethram is just Drama. He also said that this is just another case of Mis Belief.

All time Hindu hater has started speaking again. We invite him to do the same kind of talking against other mis belief happening else where.

Things happening in his own party and what ever he is doing is not a Drama. How is that coming to a conclusion.

Oh I am Sorry he may not understand anything that I wrote here. Because english is not taught in 4th standards that time.

He told "Even Dog will not go to Unnikrishnan's house", but he played Drama to break into his House.

He also told Media to refrain from spreading nonsense. That is correct Media should stop announcing whatever Bull$!t he is talking.

A Big Namaste to All the Sanadhana Dharma Followers who voted for him or his party.

Sincerly you will never get a chance to do the same again ( At least one of the above )
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Devaprashnam Nadakam, Andhavishwasam - V.S
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