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 Yeddyurappa surrenders, sent to jail

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Yeddyurappa surrenders, sent to jail  Empty
PostSubject: Yeddyurappa surrenders, sent to jail    Yeddyurappa surrenders, sent to jail  Icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2011 10:20 am

Man who brought major success to the party in South India, gone to Jail.
Even though his party is ruling the state, it did nothing to save him.

Because that is what BJP believe in, all corrupt should be punished.

It was major embarrassment for the party to have its former chief minister goes to Jail.
But Party can't help him if he is corrupt.

Just Imagine if it was Congress, they will do all tips and tricks to save the corrupt.
They cannot leave the corrupt to the Law of the land, if they did so Soon the corrupt will reveal the insider story of the vastly corrupted party.

Congress which is corrupted to the root, from its former and present prime minister are grossly corrupt will do nothing against its corrupt and destructive elements.

What it did against N.D.Tiwari, Chidambaran, Chauhan, Dikshit, Shekawat, nothing...

They pay large amounts of money to greedy media, and force them to weave congress's own story.

They ask them to conduct scripted interviews and try to destroy opposition's image.

Let Yeddyurappa remain on Jail, if he is corrupt. Let us loose the Karnataka if we are not protecting the corrupt.
Let Congress of Jantha Dal rule Karnataka and loot to the core.

Media should find the corrupt people in all walks of life.

Not only from BJP.

but we welcome that too.
Vande Matharam.
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Yeddyurappa surrenders, sent to jail
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