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 How to increase your chances to get a Job in Volatile Market

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PostSubject: How to increase your chances to get a Job in Volatile Market    Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:09 pm

Below are the Few tips for getting your dream Job even in the volatile market.

1. Update your Technology
Even if you are Salesman Selling Cloth, there are certain technique which can be applied to sell better.
You have to learn that and move your self further. Even Politicians need to learn further into the Ladder.
Never stop updating yourself. The day you stop learning is the last day of your Career development.
Use internet to increase knowledge. Also browse a book stall and invest on good books. Refrain from buying novels or buy less of them.

2. Increase your online job profile visibility
Update your Job search site regularly, even though there are less incoming calls

3. Create a Linked-In profile
Create and update your Linked-In profile and encourage your friend to do so and increase your connection numbers

4. Improve your communication skills
Improve your communication skill on your Work Language and English.
Some people think that it is only necessary to increase English proficiency. But what ever your work language is try to improve upon that as well.

5. Change your Job at least once in 3-4 years
Never cling on a specific company for a long time. This could ruin your career not just damaging it.
Even if you think that your company is like home, change it to feel different work culture and improve exposure.

If you need personalized advice on your career, mail to BJPKERALA Forum admin.
You can use the Contact Admin button in the Portal Page.

Thank you.
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How to increase your chances to get a Job in Volatile Market
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