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 The Hindu pride and awareness

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The Hindu pride and awareness Empty
PostSubject: The Hindu pride and awareness   The Hindu pride and awareness Icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2012 2:12 am

The hindu Nadars , Nairs, Ezhavas and others in Neyattinkara should double re-think when they vote for UDF Latin catholic or LDF CSI candidate. Hindus will not be benefitted at all . The christian FORUM will demand another minister . That is ALL. Kerala CM is confident because he knows that the christians will vote UDF . The Hindu Nadars should not loose their pride by voting for a christian NADAR just because he is a Nadar. REMEMBER HINDUS IN NEYATTINKARA SHOULD SHOW THEIR VOTE STRENGTH IN NEYATTINKARA AND RE-GAIN THE HINDU PRIDE ." This will be the beginning of the great hindu awareness in kerala political spectrum ".
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The Hindu pride and awareness
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