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 WHY BJP Lost in Karnataka

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PostSubject: WHY BJP Lost in Karnataka   WHY BJP Lost in Karnataka Icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 1:52 pm

WHY BJP Lost in Karnataka 94417511
Loss is a Loss but analysis is out How yeddurappa led KJP destroyed BJP & Itself. @Kiranks
Many media outlets are saying there was Congress "wave" in Karnataka 2013 election. But the numbers say something else. BJP broke into three parties. BJP, KJP and BRSC. This division of votes was the number 1 reason Congress came back to power. Here, Harsha Perla supplies clarity on why instead of close to 100 seats, BJP ended up with 40 seats. This calculation does not even involve BRS, the third shoot-away of BJP. So it was effectively, a one man with vengeance, Yeddyurappa killing BJP's chances, while committing suicide himself politically
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WHY BJP Lost in Karnataka
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